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Not here for the gaming or cosplay? That’s cool too. Because, guess what? We have guests! We’ve had some pretty amazing guests in the past, and cannot wait to share our all-star list with you! So have a read below, and see who suits your fancy.

Fighting game fans REJOICE! Keith Burgess is Akuma in “Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie”, Akuma in “Street Fighter Alpha Generations”, Makoto Hyuga in “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, as well as Chinko Drill in “Dead Leaves”, and Suiko in “Karas”! Let’s not forget that he’s a writer and accomplished artist!
Li-Ming comes to us in partnership with Ranger Station, tri-state area 1st all Power Ranger event and will be appearing at their booth. Be sure to stop by to meet the Silver RPM Ranger and learn more about Ranger Station, grab a free con print, take advantage of discounted event tickets, and enter their raffle!
Greg Houser provides a Voice-over workshop, where you can learn what it takes to be a voice actor!
Foxy Roxy aka “The Voice” is a model, actor of sort films as well as commercials that aired on Cartoon Network. She is Julia Caesar in Ajaka: Lost in Rome!
From stuntman in many films, to cameos battling major actors on camera, Les is voicing characters in games, and anime including Dominus Silvanus in Ajaka: Lost in Rome!
Brian is known for Darth Revan in Star Wars: Force Combat, TeamInfinite, & Hadrianus in Ajaka : Lost in Rome!
The most EPIC Rock Band, ready to electrify the J1-Con After Party! Are you ready to transcend to the heavens?!
Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts Soundtrack artist for Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, Beastars and more!
Paranom from Hybrid Thoughts is a Soundtrack artist for Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, Beastars, SAKUGAN, and more!
Not only a devastating fighter, but an avid lover of video games and anime!
#1 Geek Web Show in Philadelphia reaching over 300,000 followers!
They cover all things Sports, Hip Hop & Politics/Pop culture!
I Love Nerd Life (ILNL) is for lovers of geek/nerd culture, art, music, gaming, movies, tv, and everything else you love.
Gaming talk and news coverage from a crew five gamers that carry knowledge from classic gaming, all the way to next-gen console, PCs, and streaming!
Blerd, Graphic Designer, DJ, Artist, Host, Poet, There isn’t many things that Mike City doesn’t do. He’s worked with industry artist like Dwele, Musiq Soulchild, Keith Middleton among others. He’s also hosted at the world famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC for a number of years.
An energetic hip-hop duo that carries a nerdy flavor, featuring some of the best comic book, video game, and anime references ever!
Owner of Evilseed Studios, member of the J1 Sound team/Music Fest host, and member of the newly formed Heroes League. Phyre is an eclectic artist that hits every genre from Nerdcore to Country.
Award Winning Lyricist & Performer, and your waifu’s favorite rapper!
Your friendly hobby anime cover band, performing all the greatest hits!.
Anime, comic books, & gaming Hip-Hop artist! A rapper for the nerds!
A professional creative group that provides unique talent in both hip-hop & animation!.
Jackie K. aka CRACKERJAXS is a model, singer, and actor. You can see her in the the live action VT Heroes commercials, and she’s listed as the VT-Queen within the franchise!
Eric M. Cooper is a New Jersey Author with a series of Sci-fi and Superhero Action Adventure Graphic Books. He is also a motivational speaker, cosplayer, and the owner of Black Label ComiCon.
Christian E. is known for working on the Official Walking Dead magazine, & his comic series, Warriors Amongst Realms!
Wrestler, actor, cosplayer, and Director of ‘A Planetary Step’ (the Orville fan series), included being VT-Gray in the live action VT Heroes commercials!
From cosplayer to actor which includes, short films, ‘A Planetary Step’ (the Orville fan series), to even being VT-Red in the live action VT Heroes commercials!
She can also be seen as VT-Green in the live action VT Heroes commercials!
He can also be seen as VT-White in the live action VT Heroes commercials!
He can also be seen as VT-Yellow in the live action VT Heroes commercials!
She can also be seen as VT-Purple in the upcoming live action VT Heroes commercials!
He can also be seen as VT-Pink in the upcoming live action VT Heroes commercials!
Best of Show Winner of J1-Con 2019
Lady J promotes cospositivity and cosplaying for a cause, by being the co-owner of Ranger Station and owner of Lady J’s Mutant & Proud X-men event.
Dad, Veteran, Nerd. He is also known for being part of the cosplay group, the Philly Avengers!
Tranquil Ashes is a multi-talented artist who has distinguished herself as a make-up artist, cosplayer, judge, panelist, body painter, organizer, Founder of The CosGala.
CyFy is a cosplayer, a content creator and Twitch streamer that’s known for supporting body positivity in the cosplay realm.
Neko and Tora are a married content creator duo known on TikTok for gaming and cosplay.  Torameda is a 2nd degree Tae Kwon Do athlete who traveled the world as a fighter. Nekomeda is an artist who has showcased her art in many galleries. The two started making content as a gamer couple and created a brand which has grown to what it is now today as Neko & Tora. 
Known as the “Most exciting Man Alive”, & the “Master of Disguise” as well as being known for cosplaying the J1-Con CEO, J-Rich, will be hosting a fun game throughout the convention!


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