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Note:*You must have reliable means of transportation to arrive on time for your shift. We must be responsible stewards of everyone’s time including those who are relying on you.

Food will be provided to volunteers during convention hours.

For your HOTEL STAY we suggest that you use the J1-Con Hotel DISCOUNT CODE: —— at the Showboat Hotel.



If you have ANY questions PLEASE look at the Volunteer FAQ below first.


J1-Con Volunteer Form

Make the SUBJECT of the EMAIL “J1-CON [insert year] VOLUNTEER FORM“.

Please COPY & PASTE the questions below (with your answers) in the BODY of an EMAIL, and SEND it to j1coninformation@gmail.com

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Hope you are ready to have a blast!

We will reach out to you if your application is approved for the first Volunteer information session!

Note:*You must have reliable means of transportation to arrive on time for your shift. We must be responsible stewards of everyone’s time including those who are relying on you.

*By submitting your details you are stating that you have read and agree to the terms specified in the J1-Con Voluntary Workers Agreement & Policy detailed below.

J1-Con Voluntary Workers Agreement

I accept the following conditions and guidelines:

1. I am an independent person who will operate at J1-Con on a voluntary and unpaid basis only, which does not in any way constitute an employment relationship between myself and J1-Con.

2. I understand that all volunteers attending J1-Con are subject to this Agreement and any directions from the Management team of J1-Con.

3. I indemnify J1-Con against all claims arising out of my participation and such claims including all action, suits, cost, claims and demands brought against J1-Con by any person, firm or corporation arising out of any negligent or improper act or omission by me.

4. I am fit for the purpose of performing my tasks at J1-Con. I have no known physical or mental condition likely to affect my performance.

5. I acknowledge J1-Con is not responsible for my personal property and is under no liability in respect of any loss or damage caused to my personal property.

6. I will adhere to the conditions of entry to J1-Con Including keeping private any confidential information I obtain during the course of my duties.

7. I will exercise reasonable care when performing my tasks in a way that ensures the health and safety of myself and others.

8. I will not bring any hazardous, dangerous or illegal substances onto J1-Con areas.

9. I am not permitted to consume alcohol or illegal substances whilst in uniform, during the performance of my shift at the J1-Con event.

10. I acknowledge J1-Con reserves the right to cancel this arrangement with me at any time if I breach any of the above conditions and guidelines and those listed in the J1-Con – FAQs.

11. I understand during my duties (whether individually or as a group) I may be party to media attention and consent to my image being used in various media outlets, including but not limited to telecommunications, newspaper, magazine, electronic and or print media.

12. I have read and understand my obligations as part of the Workplace Health and Safety policy below.

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

*Please DO NOT attach equipment to the walls or metal framework of stands or the venue.

*Standing on chairs, tables and other furniture is PROHIBITED. This furniture is not engineered to support your standing weight. Only use purpose designed and built equipment, e.g. ladders, steps, etc. J1-Con cannot be responsible for injuries, falls or da mage caused by the improper use of this equipment.

*The need to maintain the emergency aisle ways, as indicated on the site floor plans, must be maintained at all times.

*Fire hydrants and extinguishers in the exhibition halls must not be obstructed at any time, they are to be visible and accessible at all times.

*During the build-up and breakdown periods, you should be constantly aware of the need for vigilance regarding the health and safety of yourself and those working in their vicinity.

*You must not use any portable or electrical power tools and only undertake tasks appropriate to your role.

*Work areas should be maintained free from general waste and packaging materials, which could be hazardous to others.

*The exhibition halls during move in and move out are classified as an exhibition worksite. Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted (unless under strict and direct supervision upon request) because of the risk of injury.

*Any violations or concerns regarding any of the above points should be reported to the staff or to the event planning committee at j1coninformation@gmail.com.


• Volunteer FAQ

Do you want to join the team this year as a volunteer? Sign up below! Read more about volunteer details below. Q: What are the benefits of becoming a volunteer at J1-Con? A: There are quite a few including: Free event entry (on the day(s) you volunteer) which is yours to enjoy during your break …