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Want to talk? Want to listen? We have panels! We’ve had some fun panels in the past, so here we go again! Now have a read below, and see what awesome panel discussions we have set up, just for you.

We want to add as many fan panels as possible at J1-Con because we want you to be able to discuss and express your thoughts and ideas. So this is what we need from you. Email j.richardson@j1studios.com with the following:






If your panel was in the lineup of the previous year, expect it not to repeat the following year unless requested by multiple fans. The goal is to ALWAYS keep the panels FRESH!

This year’s panels include:

*Fan Panels


“The Voice Actor Experience” w/ Greg Houser 

Ever wonder what it takes to be a voice actor? Turn your time at J1-Con into an interactive voice over experience. Greg Houser will be on hand for a specially designed workshop designed to provide attendees with an inside look and instruction on the basics of voice acting to the fan community. Lucky attendees will enjoy the opportunity to be part of an authentic recreation of an animation audition and perform scene study to learn how to better work with a partner and build the scenes. All the while receiving tips and instruction from an industry professional on ways to improve your performance. If time permits we’ll even have a special surprise for our attendees and audience – A recreation of an ADR session as you watch the attendees create a vocal performance as part of a dubbing session. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. Events like this would normally cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But at J1-Con all you’ll need is your con badge and a willingness to learn.

Anime Name That Tune*

This game show will allow you to test your anime music knowledge against your fellow congoers. Contestants for each round are chosen by correctly identifying the anime series a song is from during a “free play” section. Each round consists of 10 songs and contestants can gain points by naming either the anime series, song title, and/or song artist/band. There will be some prizes and dancing is always encouraged!

Cosplay Dating Game*

“Come to the show where ships happen!”
The Cosplay Dating game show is a fun panel where 3 contestants try and win the affection of our “Prize”. Think you got the charm? Audience participation is required. How it plays out: Multiple rounds, our Prize asks a few questions, and our contestants try to win them over. All in character, however they won’t know who the prize is.
Rules: Must be in cosplay and be in character to be in the show. This isn’t real dating, if your taken, you can still join in.
And Remember Cosplay is not Consent.
Have fun!


Information Coming Soon.

TAKII Karaoke Remix

Information Coming Soon.



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