Jul 28

Voice actor Eric Stuart will be doing a LIVE musical performance at J1-Con!

You read the title right. Eric Stuart the voice of Brock, James, Kaiba, Gourry & more will be hosting a concert at J1-Con this September! If you didn’t know, Eric is not only a voice actor, but he is also a musician. As a singer/songwriter, Eric Stuart has toured the country with such rock legends as …

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Jul 27

Cosplay Contest: A ROLE in the next J1-Con Cartoon Network commercial

We are going to keep it real simple. Are you cosplaying? Yes? Then welcome to the Cosplay Contest!!! There will NOT be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in these categories. There will be a CATEGORY WINNER instead. There will be lines made for the specific categories at the beginning of the contest. When …

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Jul 26

‘Diversity in Cosplay’ Panel hosted by Maki Roll, & Lua Suicide!

Cosplay is for everyone, and in such; everyone should be celebrated regardless of skin color. Sometimes, that isn’t the case. This is an open forum to discuss experiences and problems that arise within the cosplay community for people of color in an effort to find solutions. This panel is for EVERYONE and is meant to …

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Jul 24

Stone Bridge Press is donating Japanese & Chinese books to J1-Con!

Stone Bridge Press will be making a donation of books to J1-Con 2016! Amazing!!! We will have them as prizes in the various J1-Con raffles. Thank you SBP!! Stone Bridge Press was established in Berkeley, California in 1989. Admired for its reference works on Japanese popular culture and for its illustrated approaches to the study …

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Jul 12

Do you want to learn about VOICE ACTING? Come to J1-Con!

Ever wonder what it takes to be a voice actor? Turn your time at J1-Con into an interactive voice over experience. Greg Houser will be on hand for a specially designed workshop designed to provide attendees with an inside look and instruction on the basics of voice acting to the fan community. Lucky attendees will …

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Jun 20

Cosplayer Shawshank making his East Coast debut at J1-Con 2016!!

Making his very first debut on the east coast here at J1-Con 2016!! Sean Shaw aka Shawshank is a prop artists/ cosplayer based out of Los Angeles California. With over 10 years of fabrication experience under his belt, he’s received contracts from multiple studios and companies such as YouTube, Machinima, Nerdist, Rooster Teeth, and Rocket …

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Jun 15

MewPuff will be at J1-Con 2016!

MewPuff of ‘MewPuff and MiniPuff CosSlay’ is our very own Pennsylvania native cosplayer! who started her cosplay journey at the age of 16. Now with nearly 15 years under her belt and a MiniPuff too, you can find her at several conventions all over the East Coast, promoting cosplay equality, speaking out against school bullying, …

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Jun 07

Buy your tickets online, because it’s a great deal!

I noticed we’ve been getting a lot of emails asking when ticket sales would open up, even though we did do a post in February. We are sorry about the miscommunication. COME AND GET ‘EM!!!!!!! The tickets ARE available online for the LOW cost of $40 for the ENTIRE WEEKEND! That’s $20 a day as …

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Jun 05

Gia Sanrio making EXCLUSIVE 2016 appearance ONLY at J1-Con!

With over 24K in Instagram followers, Gia Sanrio is a cosplayer model based out of Philadelphia, PA.  She is a huge fan of anime, and has also been a fan of comics and games throughout her childhood.  She is a feature promo model for A.C.M.G. group (Anime, Comics, Movies, Games) and has attended cons all …

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May 24

Bring your J1-Con 2015 Anime Con badge to get special treatment!

You’ve heard us say to hold on to your badges once we started creating them, that’s because we decided to BRING BACK the J1-CON “LOYALTY PACKAGE”!!!! What is the Loyalty Package again? Well, if you show up with the ANIME CONVENTION BADGE from the J1-Con in September of 2015, you get cool perks like: 1. You get 5 …

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