Mar 22

Vendor tables and tickets are available now!

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So, you’re an artist, huh? Or maybe you make music? Perhaps you even make fancy soap! Weapons? Skateboards? Plush?! That’s pretty cool. So you make all these things, but don’t have anywhere to sell them? False! You can buy a vendor table and sell your many awesome wares here, at J1Con!* Vendor tables cost $100 dollars, and it’s a first come, first serve type of system. As well as that, you will receive (2) attendance tickets. That’s one for you and one for whoever is assisting you. Think of the gil.

From what was said at the 2014 J1-Con, all the vendors had a successful day with their vendor tables, just saying.  ;)

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The purchase of a vendor table is non-refundable.  You will be provided with one (1) 6ft table and two (2) attendance tickets.** There will be limited tables available. You will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of three (3) tables.

First come first served.

Time to set up: We will be opening the doors at 11am so any time after 9:30am on May 31st (day of the convention) would be great. 

38th Street and Filbert is our Loading Dock Area.

*You will not be allowed to sell food at J1-Con without providing proper certification as a public food vendor.

**Your two (2) Vendor tickets also count as VIP tickets as long as you are 21+



Online Registration = $20*

Kids (12yrs – 5yrs) Online Registration = $10*

(4 years old and young get FREE admission)

Online 21+ VIP Registration = $25* (Private after convention party with guests)


At Door Registration = $25

Kids (12yrs – 5yrs) At Door Registration = $15

(4 years old and young get FREE admission)

To get tickets to the VIP after party you can purchase them from the VIP PARTY table at J1-Con or at the after party. 

What comes with the VIP tickets? 

You get to go to the private after party with all the celebrity guests and more that starts at 9pm. Make sure to have your VIP badge or ticket to get in.


*Online Registration ENDS Sunday, May 24th 2015 at 12:00AM EST

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Buy your tickets and tables here:

Read the Vendor List so far here:

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Mar 15

RALFINGTON will be kicking off J1-Con 2015 with VGM and anime remixes!


Chiptune artist, DJ, Producer; Ralph a.k.a. RALFINGTON is doing all these for the love of music. Taking musical inspirations from anime and video games, he takes nostalgic songs from our early nerd days and turns them into electronic-fused 8bit-style remix tracks.

Recently signed last year to GameChops, the first music label to release licensed remix songs, RALFINGTON’s been working nonstop. In collaboration with Dj CUTMAN (Owner of GameChops), his first EP release, Remix Default, was dedicated to the four main characters from SquareEnix’s game “Bravely Default”. After the success of the EP, RALFINGTON has been dropping tracks after tracks, with current popular ones such as his latest GameChops single “Welcome Back to Hoenn”, the opening song “Natsujou no Spectrum” from his new fave anime series Natatsu no Tazai/The Seven Deadly Sins, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “PonPonPon”, and even Hatsune Miku’s “Rolling Girl”! And due to popular demand, he’s currently working on turning his EP into a full-length album!

He did an interview with J1 Studios at last year’s convention, explaining his composition process using his Nintendo 3DS to write his tracks. And now he’s back as performer for this year’s J1-Con: Music Fest!

Expect a lot of exciting tracks and remixes on his set as he’ll be the first up to hit the stage to get the event started!


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Mar 14

Meng Ai will be performing at J1-Con!


Meng Ai is a model, cosplayer, and entertainer based in Philadelphia, PA. In 2010, she made her first debut as a cosplay singer under “MaeMae” at Reni Mimura’s Japanese Maid Show, specializing in various anime and J-Pop covers of her favorite artists. Since then, she has made appearances as a guest singer and karaoke judge at multiple conventions and venues including InochiCon, AnimeNext, and CPAC.

Later on, she became the main performer of Ichigo Latte Maid and Butler Café of KotoriCon for three years. As, maid idol “KISA”, she had been featured as a guest vocalist in DJ Kurono’s first album “KUNOICHI STYLE” released on May 2013.

After a long hiatus as an independent vocalist, she’s back to perform your favorite English, Japanese, and Korean songs with a new, unique style. With a touch of high energy and stage presence, she incorporates resonant vocals and heavy beats into various genres such as electronic, pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and more. In addition, she will also be incorporating original songs and productions into her performances. She’s one entertainer you do not want to miss!

Meng Ai is coming back from a long performance hiatus and will be making a guest appearance to entertain the attendees of J1-CON: MUSIC FEST 2015!


Follow Meng Ai:

Instagram: @meng-ai

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Feb 01

J1-Con is BACK and making MUSIC in May!


So let me explain. The previous Music Fest is now under the J1-Con umbrella. For the past two years, J1 Studios has been holding a music festival that was live music all day, representing genres like hip-hop, rock, folk, pop, chip tune and more! This included a cosplay contest as well as video game tournaments.

This will be the first year where we will be opening it up to all ages! We will have a lot of the same awesomeness as J1-Con : Anime Con, like a cosplay competition, gaming tournaments, vendors, and panels. This will be more of what you remember, except the focus will be live music!

We will be updating the site throughout the weeks, so stay tuned!

Where is it going to be?

The same place we held J1-Con: Anime Con, 3801 Market Street Philadelphia PA (at the First District Plaza)!

When is it?

May 31st 2015, from 12pm – 8pm!

Now picture all this awesome in this video below… Now picture it with live music.

Amazing right?

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