May 14

J1-Con’s VIP after party in Old City Philadelphia!


This May, the J1-Con After Party will be at Revere Bar (formerly Red Sky) located at 224 Market St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106. What’s in store? Well we have Phyre performing a nice acoustic guitar set, followed  DJ Mighty Mike Saga, DJ Tygermouth and many more! To top it off, the guests (as in the stars of J1-Con) will be there to party! How cool will this be?

“How do I get in?”

You can buy a VIP J1-Con badge/ticket online ($25) or at the J1-Con registration table ($30). You can also purchase tickets at Revere Bar, but the cost would be $10. Obviously this after party is 21+. Don’t worry, the VIP badge gets you in to the convention AND the after party.


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May 11

Tom Fulp, the creator of, & NG animator Stamper are doing a panel at J1-Con!


Yeah you read it.

Tom Fulp, the co-owner of popular video game company The Behemoth (Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid & Battleblock Theater), as well as the creator and administrator of Newgrounds, a popular website for sharing indie games, animation, art and music will be doing a 30 minute panel. He will be accompanied by popular Newgrounds animator, Stamper.

Stamper has been a popular Flash author since 2000, years before he joined the Newgrounds staff. His initial submission, Down Town, shares an icon with the Flash Portal History collection for 2000.

Since becoming a staff member, most of Stamper’s projects have been collaborative works. These have included the Street Fighter Collab, MGS: Flash Collab Disc 01, Pico Epilogue, Queers of War, Africa Dudes and K-Fed: Dancing With Fire. His 26 submissions have won a total of 29 awards, including four Weekly User’s Choice Awards and nine Daily Features.

Come check out their panel at 3:15pm!

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May 03

SPinCo Presents Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplay Flow Arts Performance

CFAP Brocure A3

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition, (SPinCo) is the largest organized flow arts community in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Along with teaching multiple technique workshops in Hula-Hoops, Staves, Poi and fire, they have been hired to engage audiences at Christmas Village, Reading Terminal, and at the Delaware Riverfront. Aiming to spread these art forms through educational and interactive means, they will be presenting both a live performance and a learning workshop at J1-Con.

First, SPinCo presents, Avatar: The Last Airbender – Cosplay Flow Arts. A 15 minute act featuring over 10 visually stunning illuminated prop performances. You’ll see everything from strobe light fan twirling to LED nunchuck spinning. Each of the four nations, Water, Earth, Fire, & Air, will use different props. Afterwards join SPinCo for a fully interactive flow arts workshop. Try any or all of the props available, get technical one-on-one tips from the performers, and find out how you can get involved in greater Philadelphia’s rapidly expanding flow arts movement. Check out their video on Kickstarter!


Their performance starts on stage at 6:15pm!

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May 01

Rachael Rota on stage at J1-Con: Music Fest!


You never quite know where you’ll see her pop up, a cello performance with the hottest new band, providing a solo acoustic set with live guitar or vocalizing on some of your favorite artist’s new music.

Spanning genres from jazz to soul, classical to hip-hop, Rachael Rota can be heard collaborating with the most talented bands/artists in the business. Rocking the stage at J1 Music Fest, Rota will be giving you everything you crave in an indie artist. The embodiment of acoustic-soul, her performances are a mix of rhythmic guitar, cleverly fresh lyrics and impressive vocal capabilities. Currently writing and recording her debut EP, Rota will be performing original, unreleased music at the J1 Music Fest.

Embracing her long standing geek qualities as a sci-fi fanatic and avid gamer, you’d see Rota at J1 Music Fest even if she wasn’t gracing the stage. Music from her new EP will be featured in future projects by J1 Studios in 2015. Rota is also currently working with other game developers, exploring how she can use her multi-faceted talent in the gaming industry. Rota hits the stage at 1:30 pm, catch up with her after her feature performance – she’ll be speaking about her upcoming projects and soaking up all the geek culture J1 Music Fest has to offer!

Check out Rota at the links below for new music, free downloads and updates:

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Apr 29

A Cosplay Contest to win spots in a COMMERCIAL airing on Cartoon Network!!!


Okay let me explain….

For our September J1-Con: Anime Con, we are looking to do an epic “300 movie style” big battle, and we want to use all types of awesome cosplayers!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.56.29 PM

Just imagine a huge 10-20 cosplayer war where it’s characters from anime, comics, games all duking it out. How cool would that be? Do you want to be a part of it? Well then enter the cosplay contest at J1-Con: Music Fest! Also understand that even if you don’t win, you may get offered a role because you look cool. The winners will be the MAIN spots.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.57.38 PM

For the cosplay rules Click here:


If you haven’t seen the commercials, here is the one from J1-Con: Anime Con 2014,


and this is this May’s J1-Con: Music Fest that will be airing in select regions on the east coast on Cartoon Network.

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Apr 28

Whitney Peyton performance at J1-Con: Music Fest? YES!


Whitney Peyton is a solo hip hop artist from a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.Whitney has performed with acts such as DMX, Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, and others.

Whitney Peyton has received many awards and nominations for her work as a recording artist. She took home a total of four wins at the 13th, 14th, and 15th annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards for categories such as “Best Hip Hop Performance”, “Outstanding Spoken Word Artist”, and “Best Urban Artist”.  In 2014 Peyton received a Tri State Indie Music Award for “Emerging Indie Hip-Hop Artist of the Year”.As a side project for charity Whitney wrote and recorded vocals on an anti-bullying album “All about bullies…big and small” though children’s music is not a style she is known for. The Album went on to win a Grammy Award at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards for “Best Children’s Album” as well as Parent’s Choice Gold Award in 2012.

She will be entering the stage at 6:45pm!

Her “Fear of Falling” EP is for free download on

Check out this Official Music Video by Whitney Peyton for “Better” off of her Fear Of Falling EP. Pay attention and you can see cameos by not just Rachael Rota, who is also performing at J1-Con: Music Fest, but the head of J1-Con and J1 Studios, Jason Richardson is in it!

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Apr 26

Enjoy and experience the Moe Maid Cafe at J1-Con!!!


Have you ever wanted to go to a maid cafe, and have maids wait on and play games with you? Do you want maids to make you feel special? Moe Maid Cafe will be at J1-Con in the “Relaxation Area” to make all your otaku dreams come true. The cafe will be open from 12:30- 7pm. When arriving to the cafe area you will be welcomed by my staff of cute maids. The maids will give you such greetings as “Welcome home Master”, “Princess” or even “Prince.” You will have your own maid to play games with and talk to. There will also be fun food to purchase.

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Apr 18

Mega Ran will be crushing it at J1-Con: Music Fest!


Random, aka Mega Ran, or Random Beats. Teacher, Rapper, Hero.

If you put video games, the 80’s, hip-hop, soul music, jazz and standup comedy into a blender and hit “puree,” you’d have something close to The Mega Ran Experience.

Before being chosen as LA Weekly’s “Rapper Most Likely To Be Big in 2014,” The Penn State graduate and self-proclaimed “TeacherRapperHero” made waves by going way left of his backpack roots by combining 8-bit video game sounds and hard hitting hip-hop tracks, and has become a trailblazer in the budding genres of chiptune and nerdcore hip-hop, while maintaining a career as a middle school teacher. Ran’s first album “The Call” was a critical success, featuring tracks with some of the underground’s most respected heads.

Not only will he be performing at 7:30pm, but before that he will be selling copies of the J1 Studios preview comic “Mega Ran: Random Lyricism” that are signed by not only Mega Ran himself, but the writer, artist, creator of the comic and President of J1-Con, Jason Richardson!!


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Apr 12

Living in 8 Bits will be doing a panel!


Sit down and chat with the crew of Living in 8 Bits at 1:45pm!

Living in 8 Bits is produced by Mixed Nuts Productions, a group of South Jersey filmmakers and lifelong fans of Nintendo, particularly the Nintendo Entertainment System. They put a fun and playful perspective on the lovable world of 8 bit NES games with their hilarious web series.

They’ve been featured on ScrewAttack, RetrowareTV, That Guy With The Glasses, Cinevore, Cinemassacre, and Gamester81.

Check out their work here:


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Apr 02

Brentalfloss is not just doing a panel, he’s also performing!!!


brentalfloss mega man hat_j1conBrent “brentalfloss” Black is a comedian, musician, and gamer that adds lyrics to classic video game titles, such as Punch Out, Megaman 2, Super Mario 3D World, and Donkey Kong Country. He also has original songs for his albums and some on YouTube, such as “This is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For”, “The BrentalFloss Comic Song”, and his first song ever, “The Dreamer”.

He has since grown a Youtube subscriber base of nearly 300,000 and released two full-length albums which have reached the top ten in both the Bandcamp and iTunes comedy charts.

His performance will start at 2:15pm, and his panel will be at 4:00pm.

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