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Here is where you would find who’s going to be at J1-Con and what they will be selling. MORE TO COME!

If you want to be a vendor or have any QUESTIONS like SET UP in times, click here:

Vendor List (in alphabetical order). MORE VENDORS WILL BE POSTED!





Adorable Adornment

Adorable adornment is an jewelry and accessories store filled with necklaces, victorian chokers, gemstones, and pendant necklaces.  We carry flower crowns, cat ears both fuzzy and lace ones, plush anime backpacks, candy color hear and bow backpacks, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and lots of hair clip including harajuku styles.


Selling geek apparel such as totes, wallets, ties, and bowties.

Alice Kawa

Alice Kawa, with her brand Kawaii-desu, creates original Illustrations,accessories and clothing inspired in the Japanese fashion and pop culture.

Anime Pavilion

We sell large selection of manga light novels DVDs Blu-ray and art books.

Anime PLUS

Annie Dee

Annie Dee is a mixed media illustrator and water color artist who creates both fan art and original illustrations. Her artwork is available as zines, prints, charms, buttons, and stickers, with a limited selection of original paintings for sale as well.

Aragon Art & Cowdemon

Aragon Art & Cowdemon create original illustrations & fan art items such as prints, charms, necklaces, stickers, plush pillows, custom figures, and also do commission work on the spot for attendees! We enjoy doing mixed media and digital work as well as being part of the cosplay scene at events!

Cascade Cutie

Jensen loves to draw whenever she can. Come see her and maybe pick up that unique art print, Keychain, button, etc that you’ve been looking for!

Chris Massari

Chris Massari is the co-creator and writer of the AHR Visions and 6S Studios original comic book series, The Six Swords, a post-apocalyptic spaghetti western based in the post-WWIV United States. The Six Swords is Seven Samurai meets Mad Max, with anime, Samurai Jack and Quentin Tarantino based influences.

Coco Kuma Studios

Coco Kuma Studios creates originally designed clothing inspired by Japanese fashion like shirts, skirts, dresses, leggings and tights, as well as original and fan art accessories like stickers, buttons, and charms!  She also creates perler accessories like necklaces, earrings, keychains, and phone charms!

Drunken Monkey Productions

Drunken Monkey Productions is a growing black owned start up anime and manga production company. The founder and co-founder will be at the table. The remaining members will also be attending the convention. They will be showcasing original manga and merchandise created by the artist of the company. Also original fan art and commissions by the founder will be available for purchase.

DogHouse Comics

Bringing you comics, memorabilia, fan art and more.  Join our growing community or just pop in for a laugh or two at  comics weekly, nonsense, all the time.

Dynamic Custon Beadworks

All your favorite characters from cartoons, video games and more recreated as perler sprites – including necklaces, earrings, keychains, 3D pieces and large works of art.

Ed’s art factory/ Librarium Studios /Princemakuu/Robojunbug

A quartet of friends selling art together. They sell Original Fantasy prints, Fandom Prints, stickers, keychains, handsewn plushies and buttons. They’ll also be selling an original game and comic. All four take commissions.

Fox Valley Retro

Fox Valley Retro sells video games and accessories, retro and modern, domestic and imported.

Galica Graphics

Garland Holloman of Galica Graphics is a freelance artist. Currrently an artist with Upper Deck, also certified copic designer. He has done work with Marvel Comics, Vibe Magazine, and other media outlets. His work featured on VH1, World star, Collider’s Heroes, and multiple publications. He will feature custom artwork, prints, covers and custom pillows. Samples of work on Facebook “Artwork of Garland Holloman” and pillows he collab with his mother, her page is “Pillows by Regina”.


A multi-fandom table with original paintings, buttons, stickers, charms, prints and more. Open to discuss best boys and girls and interactions in general.

Genevieve Bergeson

Genevieve Bergeson creates a variety of artwork in traditional and cartoon styles–fine art, fan art, fun art! She proudly purveys paintings, picture books, parody art, and Pandagrams: cards, stickers, and pins of petite pandas up to adorable antics.

Hen Da Ne, Inc.

Hen Da Ne sells the finest in Doujinshi (Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai) as well as import video games, art books, dakimakura, music CD’s and other cool odd stuff from Japan.

Hero: Tales of the Tomes

Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a competitive card game with no collecting or deck building required. Take the role of a legendary hero and battle it out off of one shared deck until only one is left standing. Preorders, demos and art prints will be available at the table, so be sure to stop by and check it out!



One of the coolest geek shirt companies in Philadelphia! Featuring themed shirts of Pokemon, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon and more. They are also the OFFICIAL J1-Con shirt printing company. 

J and J Enterprises

Selling historical, movie and fantasy swords and knives and pocket watches. All customers are carded.


Everything is for our customer’s looking kawaii for specially girls and looking good and sense of humor for men!” As you may know that “kawaii!” means cute and lovely in Japanese.

JonHam Art

JonHamArt creates original Digital and Traditional illustrations, for the modern art lover.  He will be showcasing his amazing moving art, bringing life to his Prints, Stickers, T-shirts using the power of Augmented Reality.

Kaloni Davis

Kaloni Davis is a writer/filmmaker who has directed several indie films and a web series. He has recently released his new graphic novel “Last Days the Saga”; a spin-off of his web series which he will be show-casing at J1-CON.


KhairiART, is an artist from PA who enjoys mixing traditional and digital mediums to create passionate fan art. Selling a variety of print sizes and with a buy two get one free deal.

Kawaii Is Eco

They are here for all your kawaii otaku needs!! Selling kawaii accessories, phone cases and anime related cuteness!


Kendra is a self-published comic artist who has a passion for working in black and white, adapting non-fiction into comic form, and screen printing. She also enjoys loud music that features people screaming.

Lunar Toy Store

You can find what we sell by visiting our webstore.


Madelady is an illustrator that creates colorful and cute prints of fanart.

Massage Con-nection

The Massage Con-nection provides on location therapeutic Chair or Table Massages for Conventions, Conferences, Employee or Customer Appreciation Days, Block Parties, Special events and more. Private sessions are also available, as well as gift certificates. Ideal for Cosplayers wearing costumes all weekend, or Gamers sitting at a table, as well as those on their feet all weekend.

Mythical Mischief Crafts

Primarily specializing in rubber band crochet dolls, Jessica runs this small craft operation. Sushi Cat, Onigiri, Paopu fruit, and cute, colorful critters + more are waiting for you!

Obi Wan Kimono

Obi Wan Kimono sells affordable and fine kimonos – both vintage and new – as well as Chinese dresses, cat ears / hats, face masks, and other imported accessories.

Otaku Corner

We sell a verity of homemade things! Prints and buttons to handmade plushies and cosplay tails!

Paige’s Petals

Paige’s Petals makes beautiful, unique, and affordable flower crowns and floral arrangements. We also support the cosplay community by selling wigs and accessories.

p e a c h y m o

p e a c h y m o creates/sells everything from kawaii figurines to lewd merchandise of your favorite characters! We have everything to satisfy your smutty cravings~~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


We are PugHugs. We create products such as: keychains, prints, and buttons from our art.

Quest Complete Jewelry

Blending modern with magic, Quest Complete Jewelry handcrafts chainmail jewelry and other accessories so that you, the brave adventurer, is always sure to make their quests complete!


Rel is a local, NJ-based artist who likes to make cute and funny comics.

Sailor Meow (Hime Romance)

J-fashion & Bags, original design and J-fashion collection, kawaii, fashion and cute style clothing, bags, accessories, and more.



SakuraKeiko is an artist duo made up of Dale B.(Magical Sakura) and Linnea Kataja(KeikoKup). Linnea has a creepy cute style, and is the creator of the ongoing webtoons RockRom! and Goodbye White Bunny. Dale has a softer anime style, more traditionally cute, and has various otome visual novel projects in the works.

Sandy Hong

Sandy Hong is a professional illustrator working in the animation industry, creating original art and fan art for print, trinkets, stationary, and clothing.

Science Fiction Continuum

Science Fiction Continuum specializes in heavily discounted manga and artbooks.  All the manga are $6 each, two for $10, and ten for $40!  We also have a broad collection of anime and gaming caps and backpacks.


sinivi is a passionate cartoonist from NYC who creates stickers, acrylic charms, pinback buttons, t-shirts, prints, and many more cool merch to rock! Popular anime, TV shows, and other media are drawn in her quirky cartoony style! She will be partnered with an amazing digital artist who goes by strawberriestar, a NYC native who studies Cartooning at the renowned School of Visual Arts!

Taku Scents

Taku Scents is a distributor of high-quality organic candles, with a with a focus on anime and gaming themed scents. In addition Taku scents also carries a selection of other themed home-use products such as loose leaf tea.

Terrazone with KLDraco & Kaida

Terrazone is a homemade card game  who will be showcasing his card game related merchandise. Artists Kaida and KLDraco are fantasy artists who specialize in dragon art as well as mythology and fan art.
There will be  card game mats, stickers, art prints,  pins, book marks, books as well as live commissions at their tables! We enjoy digital and traditional work and will also be representing the group “ARK Studios”.


TheItalianSamurai creates various beadsprites from video games, anime, movies, and TV shows. He also sells a huge variety of officially licensed anime and game plushies, keychains, and other merchandise directly from Japan.


TheTerence is a Freelance illustrator and comic book artist who specializes in Video Games and Anime franchises.


UNROCKABLE is an inspirational clothing line that celebrates the indomitable human spirit!

Winter Arts

They will be selling print outs of their handdrawn posters and comic covers.








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