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Here is where you would find who’s going to be at J1-Con and what they will be selling. MORE TO COME!

If you want to be a vendor or have any QUESTIONS like SET UP in times, click here: http://j1con.com/vendors/

Vendor List (in alphabetical order). MORE VENDORS WILL BE POSTED!


Aaliyah Grose

Aaliyah is a Philly based illustrator coming to us with new prints and more from your favorite movies, games and tv shows!


AGgeeks specializes in handmade, one of a kind geekwear for men and women.

Anime Plus

An anime vendor selling a full line of anime merchandise such as wallscrolls, plushes , wallet,  keychains, landyard, and Japanese foods.

Asia Crafts Inc.

Authorized SANRIO retailer carrying Hello Kitty and Gudetama items, as well as anime products and Asian snacks.

Blick Art Materials

Since 1911, artists have turned to Blick Art Materials for dependable savings, a huge selection, and fine customer service on art supplies.

Bumblepuppy & Darth-Peggy

Bumblepuppy & Darth-Peggy are two ladies living in Philly who are selling prints, stickers, commissions and lolita accessories.


Electronics store that sells everything from DSLR’s to cell phones to video games and consoles.

Chiru Blossom

Artist selling handmade Japanese-inspired crafts and anime-themed accessories.

Claire Leslie Illustration

Gothic and macabre illustrator selling prints and commissions of both original and fan art.

Dreamattic by HootHoot

HootHoot is an artist part of Dreamattic Art studio that offers a variety of original/fanart products such as apparel, buttons, charms, commissions, flower crowns, prints,and more.

ETs Designs

ETs Designs is a family collaboration selling art by Evan Taylor Stevens on products such as prints, buttons, charms, etc and upcycled cork necklaces and flower crowns by Jessica Stevens.


Eric Matos is an artist specializing in animated and comic book characters selling original art, prints and commissions.

Fluff Sugar Cafe

Fluff Sugar Cafe is a sweets themed brand selling apparel, accessories, jewelry and plush products..

FYE Avenue of the Arts

FYE is a leading specialty retailer of entertainment products, including video, music, trend, electronics, video games and related products.


We are a global retailer of multichannel video game, pop culture collectibles, consumer electronics and wireless services, operating more than 6,900 stores in 14 countries across Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.

Hikari wo Sagasu

Specializing in cute and gorgeous handmade Japanese themed fashion accessories!  Bringing lovely Origami Roses and cool ear cuff jewelry!

Hime Romance

Come to the cutest Booth for bags, accessories and Cloth in all sizes!!!! You will be so Kawaii and your Senpai will notice you!.


One of the coolest geek shirt companies in Philadelphia! Featuring themed shirts of Pokemon, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon and more. 

JessicaLee “Trusslark” Clark & Anthony Levi

Selling cool prints, pins, charms, and comics of awesome things!

J&V Amine Corp.

The company’s sells Japanese cute girl dresses, Lolita dresses and accessories.

Kiroujidraws and Angiedrawsstuff

They will be selling prints, stickers, and charms..

Meaker Sneakers

Animator and illustrator who specializes in spooky cute prints of things you love and may come to love!

Millennium Hobbies & The Gundam Kitchen

A Japanese hobby import store, selling model kits and collectibles inspired by anime and manga.

MiniBowTini & BlushingBeardy

This newly engaged couple specialize in fan art prints, stickers and charms, make original character prints and stickers, plus they do on the spot commissions!


Nerdfruit specializes in cute a nerdy merchandise specializing in prints, stickers, and charms.


Nishicake is run by Nishat Fariha, a fun sized Philly-based artist, she creates cute and adorable work ranging from buttons and stickers to plushies and accessories, she even creates custom buttons and stickers for all of your wild needs!

Nitemarechild Toys

From film quality weapon replicas, to custom fidget spinners, and anything you need inbetween.

Obi Wan Kimono

Obi Wan Kimono sells affordable and fine kimonos – both vintage and new – as well as Chinese dresses and cat ear hats and headbands.

Once upon a CON-artist

Selling handmade nesting dolls, magic wands, and some jewelry.

Pinkimoon x HKezza

Pinkimoon x Hkezza join forces with original art and fan art of various anime and game series.

Sheila Sunshine and Vakarian Wrex

Sheila Sunshine specializes in cute original colored pencil illustrations and prints while Vakarian Wrex creates nerdy things for nerdy people!

Shishi Manga

The Avaiyo Series is an original, ongoing, epic fantasy graphic novel series; written & illustrated by J.R. Fetter and published by Shishi Manga.


Feel free to be yourself from furry kitties and friends featured on prints, stickers, buttons, and other stationary fun ♥.

Studio Hotcake

Studio Hotcake creates hand painted windchimes, totebags, buttons, jewelery, and more!

Sweet Peas

3 illustrators selling unique art prints of anime fanart and personal work.

Te Tyme

Te Tyme brings you a variety of beautiful Anime and Original prints, pins, stickers, and other goods.


TechyCutie offers a large assortment of art prints, stickers, shirts, and other unique art goods all done by the studio’s artist, Apparatus.

The Chemical Crew

A collective comprising of performers, cosplayers, and dancers. The Chemical Crew sells a variety of products such as clothing, geeky collectibles, comics, and fashion accessories.

The Philadelphia Pokemon League

We are a local Philadelphia gaming group that recreates the Gym/League system found in the 3DS games, come by our booth to challenge one of our gym leaders for a chance to win a REAL badge!

Urban Sheek

Providing you with trending Japanese fashion and toys.

Winstons Toy Vault

Winstons Toy Vault will be carrying a huge selection of collectables, anime figures, video games and much more.






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