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Here is where you would find who’s going to be at J1-Con and what they will be selling. MORE TO COME!

If you want to be a vendor or have any QUESTIONS like SET UP in times, click here:

Vendor List (in alphabetical order). MORE VENDORS WILL BE POSTED!



Electronics store that sells everything from DSLR’s to cell phones to video games and consoles.


We are a global retailer of multichannel video game, pop culture collectibles, consumer electronics and wireless services, operating more than 6,900 stores in 14 countries across Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.


One of the coolest geek shirt companies in Philadelphia! Featuring themed shirts of Pokemon, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon and more. 

The Chemical Crew

A collective comprising of performers, cosplayers, and dancers. The Chemical Crew sells a variety of products such as clothing, geeky collectibles, comics, and fashion accessories.

The Philadelphia Pokemon League

We are a local Philadelphia gaming group that recreates the Gym/League system found in the 3DS games, come by our booth to challenge one of our gym leaders for a chance to win a REAL badge! 



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