The J1-Con 2019 Schedule is LIVE!!!

That’s right y’all…

We asked for fan panels and we received SO MANY! We had more submissions that we had slots.  We apologize, but know that you will have a better chance next year. Please attend and support so that we can grow and we can add even more panels. We also are featuring some truly epic guest panels! Check out the variety! We have panels that focus on:

  • How to Become a Voice Actor
  • The History of Metroid
  • Prop-making
  • Character Creation
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Dungeons & Dragons Discussion
  • Writing for Comics, & Novels
  • Anime Opening Themes
  • Content Creation in Podcasting & Youtube
  • Open Discussion on Gaming

To name a few!!

So if you want to actually see the schedule, click this link [SCHEDULE>>>]

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