Mar 14

Official Announcement of 2017!!!



J1-Con 2016 was scary and awesome at the same time. We weren’t sure how the TWO DAY convention experiment would turn out, but to our surprise it was a success! Despite the heat in main hall (even with industrial fans), people still had a great time! The air-conditioned Gaming building (District N9ne) was by far the coolest (literally) place to be!

After soul-searching, nerding, hunting, and praying, we were able to make things fall into place! We will be at 820 Spring Garden Street for another year!! There are some slight changes, because a portion of the main floor was sold, but we’re in there like swimwear!

Check out the stats on our first 5 J1-Cons…
2012: 200 attendees (est.) 1 Day convention (125 Lombard Street)
2013: 400 attendees (est.) 1 Day convention (3801 Chestnut Street)
2014: 1900 attendees (est.) 1 Day convention (3801 Market Street)
2015: 2400 attendees (est.) 1 Day convention (3801 Market Street)
2016: 2600 attendees (est.) 2 Day convention (820 Spring Garden Street)

Now that we understand what we can do with a two day convention, we will aim to improve it. We will work on a better cooling solution for the main floor, and we are working on getting even more food services at the convention. More news to come, for now enjoy our 2016 recap video.


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