J1-Con 2019 Guest: Nikki Loba

Her name is Nikki Loba!
She is a strong activist in mental health care and cosplay is her passion for about 12 years. Nikki loves all things original, creative and stand for humanity.
In her words, “Cosplay is the love of character portrayal. It is an art, attention to detail and form of acting.” From childhood to college, She acted roles in church, school plays and currently act in commercials, shows, movies, and music videos. Nikki Loba also currently hosts cosplay shows or judge for the contests at various conventions. Being in front of audiences comes with a lot of pressure which ties into her biggest strength – working under pressure. She has a bad tendency to make her cosplay at the last minute which brings plenty of pressure and in this moment, she is oddly most creative.
“I’d like to say I have an eye for detail orientation, measurements, costume design, makeup application are all part of my cosplay craftsmanship. There are so many factors going into the creation of characters. Not only how to make the costumes exactly like the character, but I like to add my own touch on it to represent me in the costumes. Many elements to make the costume creation unique. Love, respect and be humble!” – Nikki Loba
Social Media :
Instagram : @nikkiloba
Facebook: Nikki Loba
Website: To be Announced!

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