Eric Stuart, the voice of Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) talking to fans at J1-Con 2016.

Eric Stuart, the voice of Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) talking to fans at J1-Con 2016.

Not here for the gaming or cosplay? That’s cool too. Because, guess what? We have guests! We’ve had some pretty amazing guests in the past, and cannot wait to share our all-star list with you! So have a read below, and see who suits your fancy.

This year’s guests include (in Alphabetical order):

Eric “The Smoke” Moran [Cosplayer]

The Smoke has made an impact on the pop-culture scene for over a decade. After serving in the Marine Corps, The Smoke worked as a bodyguard working in clubs backstage for concerts and for NFL games in Philadelphia. He would later train as a pro-wrestler and have a strong presence in the independent wrestling world.
The Smoke is a fan of comics and is now one of the leading cosplayers and is a active member of the costuming group, “The League of Heroes” and is a founding member of the independent production company, “Together Brothers Productions” with fan films like, “The Legion of Injustice” “FLASHFALL ”, “The Heist” ,and his Dr. Who/Torchwood series “Legacy” as well as the Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge UK/US crossover series, “ The Deep End”.The Smoke is the first cosplayer to become a DC Comics superhero named Freight Train, by Senior Vice President Dan DiDio.

Greg Houser [Voice Actor]

Greg joined the voice acting ranks through his background in IT and Engineering (no, seriously). Earning advanced degrees from Pennsylvania State University and studying drama with the Walnut St. Theatre, the Wilma Theatre, The People’s Improv Theatre, and Playhouse West.

Greg has been performing behind the mic for over 15 years providing vocal talent for companies such as AstraZenica, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, CBS, Honda of America, Unilever, and the NBA, among others. A lifelong otaku, he’s has the privilege to provide his talent and voice for titles such as Evangelion, Ikki Tousen, One Piece, Shiki, and Tales of Vesperia. You can follow Greg at or @ghouser on Twitter.

Mae Claire [Cosplayer]

Mae Claire is a model, cosplayer, and entertainer based in Philadelphia, PA. In 2010, she made her first debut as a cosplay singer under “MaeMae” at Reni Mimura’s Japanese Maid Show, specializing in various anime and J-Pop covers of her favorite artists. Since then, she has made appearances as a guest singer and karaoke judge at multiple conventions and venues including InochiCon, AnimeNext, and CPAC.

After a long hiatus as an independent vocalist, she’s back to perform your favorite English, Japanese, and Korean songs with a new, unique style. With a touch of high energy and stage presence, she incorporates resonant vocals and heavy beats into various genres such as electronic, pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and more. In addition, she will also be incorporating original songs and productions into her performances. She’s one entertainer you do not want to miss!


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